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The AG SmartBot

Help reduce or eliminate costly go-backs due to unforseen network and IT issues

The Essential IP Network Report & Diagnostic Tool For All Security System Installations.

The AG SmartBot makes connecting fire alarms, burglar alarm, surveillance systems and access control systems to IP networks easier than ever.
While networking alarm system components (CCTV cameras, IP cameras, access control systems, DVR's, NVR's) together, the AG SmartBot provides essential, detailed information about your client's IP network in under 3 minutes.

Simple 1 Step Operation

Simply plug in the AG SmartBot into your client's network & in 3 minutes a single comprehensive report is ready and emailed to your office. No wi-fi passwords or access to your client's computers is required.

Plug the AG Smartbot into your client's network and turn on to begin generating a report.

The LED status indicator on the front of the device indicates when the device is performing a test and then signals completion.

Flashing Blue: The Device is powering up, connecting to our servers and performing the assigned tests.

Solid Green: The AG SmartBot has completed testing and is sending the complete network report to your laptop, office or any destination you choose.

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