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Eliminate those pesky transmission issues! 

ASG Communications provides a solution where a dealer's toll free number will point to a dedicated circuit that is connected directly to a CenturyLink Long Distance switch (Through support from your Central Station). This method creates the direct connection between an alarm panel to a receiver which eliminates the risks of a carrier's VoIP platform re-routing the circuit and causing dropped or incorrect alarm connections. (This prevents potentially large liabilities with the end user.) Their solution has opened the door for alarm dealers to receive the same low rates as the central station at the same time maintaining control of their toll free service with a guaranteed clean connection to a central station’s receivers. Take advantage of this new service today.

Telecom Expense Savings!

ASG solutions are designed to streamline the support and delivery of all of your telecom and IT services by managing the complete service lifecycle, while also providing you with powerful real time business intelligence. Run your business more efficiently and know where your dollars are going. Here are a few areas ASG can help you with.


  • Maintains real-time insight into service inventory, enabling organizations to make effective decisions.
  • Provides comprehensive intelligence into how services are used, creating leverage over vendors and thus helping to facilitate more effective contract negotiations.
  • Verifies activities are being invoiced correctly, allowing for fast-paced end-user changes to follow through all the way to the vendor.
  • Sustains real-time intuitive insight to enable smart decision making in a timely manner
  • Optimizes workload by eliminating high volume manual activities
  • Supplies self-service automation of financial and operational reports, giving you easy access to the information you need
  • Reconciles invoices charges to active provisioned services
  • Helps users to understand necessary costs for services where employees have left the organization
  • Consolidates disparate network services into unified network

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