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Videofied is improving security one customer at a time.

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Videofied provides real time VIDEO INFORMATION while the crime is in progress.

The Videofied patented alarm sensors immediately deliver video of what triggered an alarm – to your Central Station and to your customer’s Smartphone, for approximately the cost of a traditional alarm. And it can be added to most existing alarm systems!

Videofied is a completely wireless/cordless, enhanced video alarm system that sends a 10 second video clip from their patented Motion Viewers through military grade RF to our GPRS panels which communicate via GSM cellular or IP, to the 24/7 central monitoring station, providing video verification of intrusions enabling priority response from law enforcement to apprehend intruders, thieves, and vandals.


Police treat video verified alarms as a “Crime in Progress” and respond faster than for a routine alarm. Even in non-dispatch areas, police are still motivated to catch bad guys. Video verification makes law enforcement more efficient and provides greater security to the property owner.


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